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BMW Z4 Engine Has Power More than Auto Lovers Guess

Actually, BMW Z4 has been released to the public in September 2018. However, nothing detail is explained. Automotive lovers keep guessing what brought by this car, especially in terms of power. Most of them thought that the performance was disappointed. In fact, this BMW Z4 has engine with power more than what they expect.

Look At BMW Z4 Engine and Let’s Say “WOW”

The first thing that the automotive lovers want to see and review is the engine. They might have a question in their mind. “Does the engine have more power compared to the previous version?”

If you have a similar question, the answer will make you happy. The answer is yes. This BMW Z4 engine has more power than the predecessor. It has 15 more horses and 35 more torque. Thanks for 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It is the best decision made by BWM. Due to this engine, this car has 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft. of torque.

Don’t ever compare this BMW Z4 with Bugatti Chiron 2018. Indeed, it is not “apple to apple”. Nevertheless, if you are looking for powerful and stylish car, this Z4 is the right choice.

But, hold on. It is not the only engine provided in this new BMW Z4. There is another engine. It is 3.0L turbo straight six. It has 382 hp and 369lb-ft of torque. Still far away from the speed of Bugatti Chiron. In terms of the price, it is quite worth.

Don’t Focus On Engine Improvement

Are you satisfied with the engine? Some automotive lovers say that it doesn’t look them down. Now, we go on to see the 2018 BMW Z interior.

Overall, BMW brings the concept of minimalist. It can be clearly seen from the color of the seat and dashboard. However, the nuance of sporty can be felt. So, the interior is minimalist yet sporty.

If you have been behind the wheel, you will be glad to see that the dashboard layout is easy to use. It is tidy. The plus point is infotainment system. It is amazing. It is bright with marvelous graphic.

The seat is unquestionable. When you sit on this seat, you will feel so supportive.

Talking about the features, this BWM Z 2018 has already been equipped with autonomous emergency braking. It becomes a standard feature. Meanwhile, land-keeping assist and parking assistance are still kept as the optional list. It means that you have to spend extra money to have these features.

Get To The Point: 2018 BWM Z Price

Be patient, please. You have already known almost everything matter about this BWM Z, starting from the engine till the features in the interior. Now, we come up with the BWM Z price. You can move this car from the dealer to your garage if you prepare 36,990 euro.

Is that expensive? If seems to be expensive. However, just try to see the other sport car review. So, you will have different opinion about this 2018 BWM Z.

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