Chinese Concept Car Revealed in Geneva Motor Show 2019

Geneva Motor Show this year is not only filled with European manufactures. China takes a part as well. They bring stunning concept. However, the question is “can they beat the competitors?”
The answer is still unknown. Nevertheless, they take it seriously. It can be seen from the effort in the show.

Arcfox ECF Concept Designed By Well-Known Designer

Do you know who design the Lamborghini Egoista? Are you a big fan of Audi R8 or Alfa Romeo 147? Do you know person designing both cars? They are designed by Walter de Silva. And he is the one designing Arcfox ECF concept car.

That is why this Chinese manufacture doesn’t play. They are so serious to enter this market. By hiring popular and successful designer, they want to announce to the European manufactures that Chinese want to dominate in this business, not only in the electronic device.

What Makes This Concept Car Great?

At least, there are two things that can be pointed out for the times being.
First, it has a minimalist exterior design. Lines are easy to seen. It looks clean that makes this car trustfully minimalist. Second, it has modern and simple cockpit.It has only two colors inside of the cabin; black and white.
It is reported that this concept car will be equipped with electric powertrain more than 373 miles of range which sounds amazing. It has 3 level driving.

Dont ask about the price since it is only a concept car that you can see in the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

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