how to claim car insurance after an accident

Do You ‘Really’ Understand How to Claim Car Insurance after an Accident?

Have you ever heard unpleasant story about the service of a car insurance company? Some say filing car insurance claims is difficult. It doesn’t happen if you know how to claim car insurance after an accident.

Possibly, somebody said that claiming car insurance is complicated. Some other people might say that this is just a trick of the company. They only want to get profit, but not giving service that they have to give.

Ever heard of a story like that, right? A lot. Maybe you have experienced the same thing.

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Is that true? It could be true if you choose a wrong car insurance company. Today, there are many car insurance companies that you can choose. However, make sure you choose a company that is credible and has long experience regarding this one business. Because their brand is already well-known, they certainly won’t do anything different. They don’t want to make the company’s brand bad, even if it’s a small thing. Whatever it is, the service to the main client is no exception when they submit a car insurance claim. They will not make it difficult, they will even help as soon as possible. Because it’s about how they maintain the company’s credibility.

It’s just that you also have to be cooperative. There is a way of working an insurance company to quickly handle the problem you are experiencing, you also have to help. In what way? By understanding how to claim car insurance after an accident. You have to know right insurance application procedure.

Step-by-Step on How to Claim Car Insurance

These are procedures you have to follow in order that your car insurance claim is approved.

  • Call The Police

The first thing that you have to do is make a police call. Report to them that you have a car accident. Police officer will go to the place where you have accident.

  • Fill the Report

Having arrived to the place of the accident, the police will have you to make an accident report. It is a must to do. Fill anything you have to fill. Make it as detail as possible.

  • Call the Car Insurance Company

The next step is giving information to the customer service of the insurance company. Let them know that you have car insurance. You have to do it immediately. Actually, this is one of the most important procedure on how to claim car insurance after an accident since it determines whether your claim is approved. If you report to the company after several days, you will get trouble when making a car insurance claim.

  • Fill Claim Report

Make sure that you fill the claim report soon. Sooner is better. When you have done this step, the insurance company will assign a claim professional. He is like an adjuster. His job is to measure how much coverage should be given by the company.

In order to make a right measurement, of course he has to make investigation. It is the way to know the damage of your car and the budget required to repair your car.

Therefore, to make investigation more effective, give a more detail information about your car accident. A more detail information you give, the company will give coverage soon.

So, now you have already known how to claim car insurance after an accident, right?

Problem That Make Claim Denied by Insurance Company

This is often felt by most insurance policy holders. They feel they have completed all the requirements but it turns out that the insurance claim was rejected. What happens?

It could be caused by these three things. First, you commit a violation on the road. For example, you are negligent when driving like driving by making a telephone call. Or perhaps the police found alcoholic drinks in the car. Even though it’s not the drink you consume, this can be proof that you might have been accidentally drunk.

Secondly, accidents are not in areas covered by insurance companies. This is the most common. And third, the claim that you submit includes an exception. To anticipate this one, make sure you understand what the company is covering. You also have to learn the 3 types of car insurance. It is as important as you know about how to claim car insurance after an accident.

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