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Electric Car Which Can be Customized Found in 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Do you feel so excited to see some concept cars exhibited in 2019 Geneva Motor Show? You can come directly to the show. But, it would be better if you acknowledge what people are talking about now. It is not about technology. It’s not about engine either. It is about electric car that you can customize by yourself. With this brilliant idea, everybody seems to have an opportunity to build their own car and it becomes their car since nobody has similar car.

What Manufacture Has This Crazy Idea?

It is Fiat. They have what they call a modular electric car that can almost endlessly customize. At least, this is a title written by Theverge, a trusted blog which reviews about new cars that you can read if you are going to find a new information about car.

In 2019 Geneva Motor Show, there are a lot of supercars which might steal many visitors’ attention. It is just like the show in the previous time. However, only Fiat is able to steal their attention more with their modular customized electric car. It is named with The Centoventi. Have you already heard about it? Are you familiar with this name?

It is Italian name. It can a clue for you if you think that this sounds familiar. Just guess. If you think about Fiat Anniversary, it is correct. This name actually refers to Fiat’s 120th anniversary. They reveal their new concept car this year. And Geneva Motor Show is chosen as a moment to celebrate their anniversary.

It has been explained before that this is a customized modular electric car. Indeed, it has three advantages, at least. First, it is an electric car which has been so popular lately. Automotive lovers keep hunting this environmental friendly car. Second, it can be customized by request. Based on you need as the owner. The third, it is modular. Almost anything can be customized. You can choose the roof, bumper, the wheel cover, etc. Even, if you have already choose a part, a roof for instance, you will be able to choose whether you want to have a soft top or solar panel. Doesn’t it sound good to you?

But, hold on a second. It is heard that the automaker is trying so hard to make sure that they can print 3D part at the house’s owner. So imagine that you want to have this Fiat electric car. Then you have particular request. The car will be brought to your house and then the mechanic or the designer will do printing based on your request. If you feel like unsatisfied, just say something. A part will be printed right away.

However, it is the next step for Fiat. They have been thinking to make it happen. At least, they have remarkable idea. Don’t you think so?

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