How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums
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Things You Have To Learn about How to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

How much do you have to pay for maintenance or repairs? The answer is unpredictable. Even if you buy a new car, it is not necessarily the cost that you have to prepare is low. That is why you should buy car insurance. Find out now how to lower car insurance premiums right now.

Many people don’t want to insure their cars. The reason is classic. Why do they spend millions of dollars every year? Burdensome. After all, there isn’t necessarily an accident.

Not necessarily an accident that means there is a potential accident. You certainly agree with that. Supposedly, they also think about what happens when an accident occurs. It is harder to spend tens of millions of rupiah for repairs with only a few million each year to pay for car insurance premiums. Please answer by yourself.

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It is wiser that you take car insurance. You will not get it as burden if you know how to lower car insurance premiums.

Wise in Choosing a Car

Actually, the cost of car insurance is not expensive. It doesn’t need to be compared to the cost you have to spend when the car is badly damaged Just share with 12 (months). Then you will find a low number.

Especially if you are wise in choosing a car. You have to know which cars are expensive, insurance premiums are also expensive. If you are a football lover, maybe you know the mounts of world football players that are super expensive. CR7, a Juventus player, must allocate at least 1.5 billion in cash per year just to pay for car insurance premiums. This is because the car he owns is super expensive.

That does not only happen in European countries. In Indonesia too. The more expensive the price of the car, the higher the insurance premium must be paid.

That’s why you should be wise in choosing a car. Of course it doesn’t matter if you are rich. Whatever insurance premiums for cars that you have to spend, it doesn’t matter. However, if you are a mediocre economy and want a car, you should buy a car that is not too expensive. So, you can apply for a low insurance premium.

In essence, insurance companies determine the premium based on the financing estimates they have to spend when the car is damaged. In general, the more luxurious the price of cars, the price of spare parts and also the cost of repairs is even more expensive. So it’s natural if luxury car insurance premiums are expensive.

And the first thing you can do to avoid the cost of exorbitant car insurance, try not to buy a luxury car. City car can be a wise choice because in general insurance premiums for city car types are relatively low.

Legal Way to Make Company Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Now, it is time to know tips about how to lower car insurance premiums. Check this out.

1. Install Security Devices

Apart from buying a cheap car so that the insurance premium is low, there are other things you also need to do. Install security devices. In cheap cars, there are no sophisticated devices. All are standard features. If you want to get a cheap insurance premium, add your own security features.

How come? Because the company will feel safer because the security features can make the possibility of a low accident. So, they won’t mind if they reduce the cost of car insurance.

2. Good Driving Record

Have you had a car accident before? If not, tell the company. This will make them judge that you are a good driver. Different from people who often crash. Or there is a bad record where the person is often reckless on the highway. This will actually make the company determine a high insurance premium because of the potential for high accidents.

3. Choose an Insurance Company

Maybe you have more than one car for your insurance. Usually, companies will give discounts if you insure more than one car in one company. Because this is a form of trust from you. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the company will also give appreciation for your loyalty. They will give a discount.

Possibly, you need to do some improvisation about how to lower car insurance premiums such as make good negotiation.

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