Things That You Love and Possibly Hate From New Honda Passport

The first question is what make you wonder about 2019 Honda Passport. Is it the cost that you have to spend or the features and engine that this car has? In fact, there are many questions asked by the automotive lovers. Possibly, this review will answer some of those questions.

One Remarkable Engine Yet It Make You Down

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Are a person who are so crazy about the speed of the car? Or do you only want to buy a new car if it is equipped with stronger powertrain? You might be so glad to have this new Honda Password since this car has been provided with 3.5-liter V6. In fact, this is the same engine put in the Pilot and Ridgeline as well.

Nevertheless, there is something that many people are so upset. They are disappointed since there is only one engine option. It might be the manufacturer’s strategy to offer the other engines in the next months in this year. Who knows? Or Honda really wants to offer this car with lower price so there is only one powertrain.

Interior Is The Advantage

People might assume that the Honda Passport interior is not quite comfortable. Just take a look at the other big cars. It has big size yet it is less comfortable for those who sit in the cabin.

Fortunately, it is the opposite. It has bigger from the outside and it looks larger and more comfortable from the inside. It has three-row seat with a lot of high tech. If you have already seen the interior of Honda Pilot, you will feel that both cars are similar. Yet, try to drive. Feel the difference.

In order to level up your comfort, the interior has been added with ventilated front seats. Many reviewers who have already tried this car are so amazed with this feature. Actually, it is not a big change. However, they give appreciation to the Honda since the feature that doesn’t make this car expensive can bring the comfort of driving to the higher level. The driver and one passenger in the front seat will feel so cool due to this ventilated front seat.

Do you expect something amazing from the seat? If you do, this information will make you smile. This car has heated front seats. Driving during winter will not make you freezing.

The Things That Need Improvment

From several reviewers, at least two things that Honda should consider mostly. First is about collision warning. It is important. Everybody agrees with this. However, it is too sensitive. Second is adaptive cruise. It has same issue like collision warning.

In terms of the price, you might not be surprised. The bigger car like 2019 Honda Passport must be offered with high price. It starts from $31,900.

Having knowing the pros and cons of this new Passport and the price as well, do you still want to replace your old with this new car?

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