3 Types of Car Insurance

Understanding 3 Types of Car Insurance before Making Decision

Never ever think that understanding types of car insurance is easy. No. It is not that easy. However, it doesn’t meant that you can do that. If you don’t have any knowledge about it, at least you know these 3 types of car insurance.

Actually, if you try to browse in the internet, you can find a lot of type of car insurance. I have tried to do some research. And I can conclude that there are three types of car insurance.

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However, you might be confused. For this time, it is better for you to know these following 3 types of car insurance.

Liability Car Insurance

Compared to the other two types of car insurance, this is the cheapest one. By choosing this type of car insurance, you as the driver will be protected. For instance, when there is accident, the coverage will be given by the insurance company.

What coverage? Damages, wages, and medical expense.

Collision Car Insurance

When you choose liability, your damage car is not repaired by the company. They don’t give coverage for the car reparation. However, if you choose collision, the company will do, no matter who is at fault.

It is not all. This type of car insurance also covers the other damages such as building damages. So, now you can differentiated this one with the previous type of car insurance, right?

How if your car is damaged totally? No worries. The company will replace it with the new car since it also offers a replacement provision.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This could be the most expensive type of car insurance. Do you know why? Because, it is not only covered the totally car damage but also damage because of natural disasters. If your car gets small damage like scratch on the body because of car accident, you can claim as well. The company will make coverage.

Now, from those 3 types of car insurance, which one do you want to choose?

Recommendations to Consider

Possibly, having known different types of insurance, you are getting confused more and more. It is getting harder for you to choose.

There is one thing that you should do. Focus on the service given by each of car insurance type. Then, think about what you really need. It will lead you to make the best decision.

Forget about the quote. Indeed, it is important. However, it should number two. Think about what you need first. It is the most important thing.

So, hopefully you are ready to make a decision. Then, trying to understand more about insurance. Possibly, you also need to know how to claim car insurance after an accident. It is also essential in order that your claim is disapproved.

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